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Understanding Fabrics : A Practical Approach

A landmark book and a boon for fashion and textile aspirants. The kind of simplicity it possess in terms of language and the sample swatches mounted through out the book makes it unique and a must-have book for every individual associated with this industry.
Dr Kusum Chopra ,
Former Professor and Chairperson , NIFT , New Delhi

Key Features of the book

Experiential learning with Fabric Swatches

The 116 Fabric Swatches mounted in the book next to the concept with diagrams makes it super user-friendly and gives an experience of Live learning which one can easily understand and absorbs for the whole life

Complete in its own entity

This book is divided into 6 major chapters : Fibers , Yarn , Fabrics , Dyeing & Printing , Finishing and The most Commonly Used Fabrics. So carefully selected topics and detailing makes it a complete book in its own entity.

Excellency in Fabric Swatches

The Fabric swatches are carefully selected and mounted in such a way that a reader can touch and feel both sides of fabrics : Front as well as back sides of it, while keeping beauty of the book intact .

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This is only Live Book in the world , if you are part of fashion or textile in any form , Don’t Miss it  

"This is so unique and wonderful book that it speaks for itself, the way entire book has been crafted , the selection of very important topics required for every individual, the way fabric swatches are mounted and the most simplest form of language used, does not only reflect the highest form of creativity and hard work a book can have but also reflects the author Akshay Tholia's passion for textiles who creates such book. ."
Akanksha Diwan Singh
Textile Business owner and Faculty

About Author

Akshay Tholia

Akshay Tholia is an educator and  author with a passion for learning and delivering trainings in  textiles, He is Principal Textile Coach and CEO at SARV International. He has trained more than 100000 individuals across the globe through his user-friendly workshops & training . He is instrumental in creating tools for effective learning methodologies in textiles . He has served   premium organizations like NIFT and SGS India at a leadership positions in Training. He is a textile technocrat and has extensive work experience in the field of manufacturing and quality assurance.

" Experiential Learning Method is the best way to learn .This method of learning is not meant for today or tomorrow but for the whole life ."

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