Advanced Fabric & Textile Testing Workshop on 25th & 26th Nov’23 @ Gurgaon




25th November -Advanced Fabric Workshop 

  • Various Woven Weave Formation & their Analysis (Practical Exercises with fabric swatches and tools provided )
  • Weave formation of weaves like Variation of plain , Twill and Satin/ Sateen Weave
  • Knitting – Warp and Weft Knitting , pros and cones of knitted Fabrics and how to handle them in actual industry scenario.
  • Cotton processing -Different Pretreatments like Singeing ,Scouring ,Bleaching Desizing and Mercerising .Understanding the requirement of the processes as per need
  • Different methods of dying on textile substrate. Fiber Dyeing ,Yarn Dyeing , Piece Dyeing and Garment Dyeing . Exercises based activities to understand the right method of Dyeing
  • Different Methods and Styles of Printing .Understanding various features of different Styles and Methods of Printing. Exercises based on different Methods of Printing .
  • Finishing : Chemical and Mechanical Finishing for textiles .General and latest finishing practices on fabrics1


26th November – Textile Testing Workshop

  • Textile Testing – Understanding the various textile testing applied on textiles and how to improvise quality.
  • General as well as Special Testing on Fabrics
  • – GSM ,Count,Construction,,CF to Rubbing.CF to Washing
    – CF to Water, CF to Perspiration,CF to Light,Dimensional Stability,Pilling,Abrasion
    – Tensile Strength,Tear Strength,Bursting Strength,Seam Strength,Seam Slippage, Flammability etc

Note – Both 24th and 25th Fabric Workshop will be taken up by Akshay Tholia , 26th November Workshop  on Textile Testing will be taken up by Textile testing Expert


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