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babu Rao

I genuinely feel attending the detailed fabric session with Akshay sir was one of the best step taken for my business growth. I’m a manufacturer of school uniforms for the past 15 years, and the biggest challenge faced by me was to procure the best of fabric. Earlier, I had a very basic idea about the fabric composition and often found that I was paying more than the market rate for the raw materials. After this detailed fabric session, I not only learned about the fabric composition but also learned other various important aspects like weaves,yarn types, thread counts, dyeing, pricing and much more in detail. My this vast knowledge not only helps me in sourcing the right raw material with the right price, but in fact, it also helps me to grab orders as the school management gets pleasantly impressed by my knowledge in the industry. It’s a win – win situation. Thanks alot Akshay sir and I recommend the program for exponential growth in garment industry.


Kumar Aggarwal

Joining Akshay Sir ‘s Fabric program was a game changer for my business . We deal into fabrics and fullfil the need of our client . Before joining Akshay Sir ‘s program , I had been hunting for such course but didinot find the right one . This program came as a boon to me . Now I know what   I am doing , what I am talking. My entire perception and communication in business has changed and we could able to get more businees this year which is just 1.5 times what we had last time . Akshay Sir , From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the outstanding coaching and mentoring that turnaround my business.

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