Fiber to fabric swatch set -65

100 Most Essential Fabric Samples required for fashion and textile learners in one pack

An amazing collection of 65 fabric swatches that covers complete array from fiber to fabric required by all the learners /students from fashion and textile field. I believe this is the easiest way to learn from fiber to fabric with fabric samples. As these are utility samples for learning in fashion and textiles, students can make their own swatch kit also through these samples
Dr Vandana Gupta ,
Professor & Head , Parul University

About the brainchild behind Swatch Set -65

Akshay Tholia

Akshay Tholia is an educator and  author with a passion for learning and delivering trainings in  textiles, He is Principal Textile Coach and CEO at SARV International. He has trained more than 100000 individuals across the globe through his user-friendly workshops & training . He is instrumental in creating tools for effective learning methodologies in textiles . He has served   premium organizations like NIFT and SGS India at a leadership positions in Training. He is a textile technocrat and has extensive work experience in the field of manufacturing and quality assurance.

" Experiential Learning Method is the best way to learn .This method of learning is not meant for today or tomorrow but for the whole life ."


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